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These are some of the services we offer:
  • Repair & adjustment services including complete breakdown, overhaul, and rehosing.
  • Preventative maintenance services including annual maintenance packages.
  • Relocation service including teardown, packaging, setup and site preparation.
  • Replacement air dryer/filter systems and installation.
  • Machine perpendicularity is checked to master square or B89 Ball Bar test pattern.
  • Length standards for linear positional errors and characterization.
  • Machine cleaning.
  • Component level electronic trouble-shooting.
  • Servo offset checked and adjusted to prevent drift.
  • Electronic and wiring retrofits.
  • Probing system retrofits such as PH10 additions, and other probe accessories.
  • Hardware updating.
  • Scale and/or reader replacement or repair.
  • Air pressure and air lines checked for contamination by oil or water vapor, and for proper flow.
  • Bearing lift checked to prevent axis scoring and repeatability errors, extending machine life.
  • Consultation to eliminate any observed environmental disturbances affecting machine performance.
  • Certified calibration equipment traceable to NIST including Laser or Step Gage.
CMM Service is our specialty. Services are available for Brown & Sharpe,  DEA,  and several other CMM models and manufacturers:


Alpha, Beta, Delta
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Mission Statement
To ensure our customers an absolute minimum of downtime and increase productivity and profit by providing the single most comprehensive, diverse, on site calibration and repair service in the CMM industry.
All equipment is traceable to the N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology).
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