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We have lots of parts in stock and have many hard-to-find items. You may think you need a retrofit because the part you need is considered obsolete. We may have it!  A retrofit may not be necessary and that can save you lots of money. CMM Specialty Services , Inc. will prove to be the best solution for all your CMM service needs. We are highly trained and thoroughly experienced. Contact us for all your measuring equipment needs Common CMM Terminology: When researching the certification or purchase of a CMM, questions may arise involving technical terms and CMM specifications that your company may need to consider.  Some of the terms involved in CMM service and calibration are listed below with brief descriptions.  Optical Measuring: This term refers to the use of an optical device or probe to obtain a measurement.  Some CMM's utilize optical measuring to acquire precise accurate measurements. Dimensional Metrology: The science that deals with measurement pertaining to a measure of spatial extent, such as width, height or length.  CMM's are involved specifically with dimensional metrology.  Gantry CMM: A CMM can be mounted on a gantry to allow it to move around and probe large, cumbersome objects. Other types include Horizontal CMM's and Vertical CMM's. CMM Certification: In order to comply with industry standards and become an approved supplier in the aerospace industry, most major manufacturers require that CMM's be calibrated and/or certified. Please use our contact form to contact us here: Contact form,
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E mail. or call: 440 668-2324 fax: 440 582-0309 and let us know what you need.

Mission Statement
To ensure our customers an absolute minimum of downtime and increase productivity and profit by providing the single most comprehensive, diverse, on site calibration and repair service in the CMM industry.
All equipment is traceable to the N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology).
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