About CMM Specialty Services     

My name is Carl May. I own and operate CMM Specialty Services. I began working in the industry in 1983 with worldwide partners that include Brown and Sharpe, Leitz, Dea, Tesa, Stiefelmayer and  Mora. I received a presidential award from Brown and Sharpe in 1989 for outstanding service in China. I owe a lot of my experience to Brown and Sharpe, Leitz in Germany,  Dea in Italy, Tesa in Switzerland, and the personnel I have worked with over the years. Our staff is highly trained in all aspects of Coordinate Measuring Machine Service including, but not limited to, H. P. Helium Neon Laser Systems and Hammar Laser Systems. We provided CMM service with Brown and Sharpe for many years in conjunction with Tesa, Leitz and Dea. I've traveled to China, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia. Singapore, Italy, Germany, Holland, Mexico, Canada, India and other countries providing installation, calibration, upgrades, and repair services. We are confident that if given the opportunity to service your CMM, you will find that although CMM Specialty Services  may not be the largest company to service your needs, our dedication to customer satisfaction and quality is what really sets us apart from our competition. Sincerely, Carl May CMM Specialty Services, Inc. Please use our contact form to contact us here: Contact form,
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E mail. or call: (440) 668-2324 fax:(440) 582-0309.

All equipment is traceable to the N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Mission Statement
To ensure our customers an absolute minimum of downtime and increase productivity and profit by providing the single most comprehensive, diverse, on site calibration and repair service in the CMM industry.

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